Welcome to my web-site and let me wish you a pleasant stay in our wonderful country. My name is Nikolina and I am a professional tour guide focused on providing the most authentic and unique guided tours and sightseeing in Dubrovnik area.

Our city is well know for its splendid culture, rich tradition, extraordinary beauties and friendly people. My mission is to provide insider’s view and introduce you to local lifestyle and centuries old heritage. 

Join me on a discovering adventure and let me help you experience unforgettable moments that will complete your perfect Dubrovnik holiday. 

Get to know me better

About my job: I especially appreciate that my work reminds me day after day, how beautiful and unique our country is. I get to focus on things we tend to take for granted, and enjoy them on a daily basis. I get to feel pride and joy each time I think about the history of my city and learn over and over again, how our ancestors cherished freedom above all. This is something that really amazes me. 

About me: I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother of 2 cutest little troubles you’ve ever met. I love spending time with my family, they mean the world to me. I adore sailing and watching the summer sunset from a boat. I love meeting up with my friends over a glass of wine, and I like comfortable shoes and a full tummy :)


If you would like to have me as you host, feel free to contact me :)